If you want a modern roofing solution, try TD Roofing, which reshapes your roof with innovation, such as a dry ridge system. At TD Roofing, we provide a more innovative way to secure your roof with dry ridges. So, let’s learn why you should choose dry ridges from TD Roofing.

What is a dry ridge system?

The ridge of the roof is the uppermost part that runs along the very top. A dry ridge roofing system is a method of installing ridge and hip tiles to a roof’s infrastructure through the use of screws and clamps rather than using sand or cement mortar.

A roll-out dry ridge system is an example of a dry ridge installation that continues to grow in popularity. This involves a dry ridge ventilation roll being laid out along the ridge. Ridge tiles are then connected directly to the roll. This formation allows for rain to slip easily from the roof’s surface and provides superior roof ventilation.

Dry Ridge System

The benefits of a dry ridge system

Dry ridge systems bring several benefits to your roofing project.


Firstly, the installation process is relatively quick and simple, which can result in big savings in labor and time costs.

Low maintenance

Secondly, once installed, a dry ridge system requires very little maintenance – unlike the traditional mortar-based ridge system which requires regular maintenance to replace degraded mortar.


The sturdiness of the dry ridge system is another of its major draws – during bad weather and strong winds, you can be confident that your ridge tiles will not blow off and cause damage to your roof or anything below. Additionally, the system is waterproof, preventing water ingress into roof spaces, which can occur on damaged mortar-based ridge tile applications.

Dry Ridge System


There is ventilation built in the roll of the dry-ridge membrane. This genius addition to the dry ridge system allows moisture to move out of the roof and prevents condensation from building up. This ventilation system only allows moisture to move out of the roof and does not allow the elements to seep in. Try and use industrial clamps.

Use a dry ridge roofing system to keep your properties water-tight and low maintenance. A dry ridge roofing system gives you the option of a loft conversion without any mold and damp worries creeping in. Increase your property’s value with extra space in your attic and show off your super-secure roofing job.

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Fantastic compatibility

On top of all the benefits mentioned above, dry ridges are also compatible with almost all types of slates and roofing tiles. So, if your roof’s in need of a repair you may wish to consider installing a dry ridge roofing system.

Are you ready to enter the modern era of roofing solutions with dry ridge systems from the expert TD roofing? This system gives various benefits that will provide proper ventilation and weather resistance. To enhance your roof’s performance, offer every homeowner durable solutions. Choose Dry Ridge brilliance – where innovation meets roofing perfection.

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